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Best Water Timers Reviews

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No more soggy lawns, no more wasted water, no more hard work! Sometimes back, due to frustrations and disappointments I encountered watering my lawn, I thought: what if there could be a timer; that I could set time and interval and my garden gets watered with minimal supervision? I know you might be pondering similar question.

Here is the deal:Recently, I was drifting around the town then I decided to pass by the agricultural shop that was near my vicinity. On reaching the place, one of my friends was buying a water timer. I had never seen it before leave alone having any bit of an idea about it.  I couldn’t control my curiosity and therefore I decided to seek deeper knowledge about it.

This is what I found:

Water hose timers are really nice and interesting stuff the world has ever had. I couldn’t imagine that someday my lawn will be well watered without my presence. Water timers are very helpful devices that make watering much easier task. Equipped with large LCD screen and easy-to-use buttons with user-friendly interface, water timers allow you to set the interval at which your lawn will be watered periodically. If you want your lawn to be watered after every 5 hours, 5 days or whichever time you like, Water timers has it all.

You might be wondering:

How do I choose the best water timer? Well, choosing the best timer is a lot more daunting task; if you are not careful enough, you will find yourself landing on the shameful timer that will end up being good for nothing. Hopefully, you don’t need to stress a lot about that- I am about to take you through the best water timers that are really worth your money. In my review, I found 5 timers that have been well designed; and equipped with wonderful features. They make your work effortless as you can delegate your daily watering routine to them. Most importantly, they are single outlet timers that are ideal for garden watering. Don’t be distressed anymore by brown grasses in your compound due to lack of proper watering or flooded lawn because you forgot to close the tap in the morning.

10 Best Watering Timers Reviews

  1. The Best Overall: Orbit Single Outlet Hose Faucet Timer

Narrowly smashing our previous champion, the Instapark single outlet faucet hose, which happens to be our second pick this time round, Orbit is our new coolest water timer! We were much fascinated by how easy it is to use besides the user-friendly interface it has. Both Orbit and Instapark are made to be water conservative and programmable, making them a super wide option ideal for use in lawn or garden watering. With large easy-to-read LCD and   user-friendly buttons, Orbit faucet timer is shockingly easy to use and you can’t get confused while operating its settings. Allowing you to set the interval at which you want your lawn to be irrigated, this simplicity therefore saves you a lot of time you would have spent watering your lawn every day. It as well saves your lawn from growing brownish just because you forgot to water it. Since it has a manual button that doesn’t interfere with the program settings, Orbit water timers allows you to water your garden manually when you feel like doing so. If you get tired from hectic busy day and wish to relax by having fun watering your lawn; you can simply do that by pressing the manual button and taking over the control yourself.

This makes it quite remarkable:

Orbit water timer has a nice watering duration of up to 240 minutes. Additionally, the flexible watering frequency it offers makes it possible to set the ideal interval that suite and will serve your lawn well. Depending on your choice, you can decide to have it water your lawn every 6 hours or even once per week- It still works. Equipped with native rain delay, it can pause itself for a while when rain as around the corner. It normally pauses for 24, 48 or 72 hours. This therefore conserves more water from getting wasted. During dry seasons, watering your lawn is not a mind-boggling task. Once you have set everything in place from programming to fixing the hoses, the timer can take over the control and make sure that the garden is watered as you have ‘directed ’it without fail. If its simplicity is alone is not satisfactory for you, also consider its water-proof construction that makes your timer survive entire  rainy season without getting devastated.

Though its performance is remarkable, we feel that the loose fixed connections make it weaker and susceptible to leakage anytime. Its work is incredibly satisfactory but pressure is not yet great. Maybe because the connections between the joins; can’t withstand high pressure for a long time.

Here is the key:

If you are looking to find the water timer that is well reliable and can generally meet your demands; but specifically save your watering time by taking over you job completely, Orbit Single Outlet Hose Faucet Timer is what you should be going for.

  1. Best Cheap Timer: Instapark Single Outlet water Timer

In retrospect to some years back, water timers never existed at all. It was only you and your hose working in tandem to water the lawn every day. That was so frustrating. Now, my new Instapark timer lets me rest so much and save my time greatly. Though it slightly dropped to second place, its wonderful performance has not been lost. It is only that the Orbit water timer was keen and strategic to improving its features; that gave it an easy win. My lawn now gets watered every day without fail unlike the other days when I could sometimes sleep a lot and forget I was to water my lawn. The weather and impact -resistant water timer gives the ultimate pressure that sprays your lawn effectively. The large easy-to –read LCD screen, self-explanatory buttons and easy-to-navigate interface makes it much easier to use and operate. Its effective programming allows you to set the interval of up to 8 hours a day and can consistently allow supply of water for up to 240 minutes. Also, aside from the manual button that doesn’t interfere with your normal set programming, its battery life is shockingly good. It can last for months without being replaced. I was also intrigued to know that Instapark is well equipped with crazy rain delay. This makes it respond automatically to rainy season by simply pausing the watering for a while.

Now:Something that was a disadvantage to this timer was the fact replacing its battery was a complete disaster. When you try to change the battery, of course after relatively a long time, the programing you had already set disappears. This means that every time you try to change the battery, you will be required to reset it again. That seems boring right?  Despite the fact that it is fairly straightforward to use, its lack full flexibility–like you can’t set it to water your lawn more than once per day.

While other timers such as Orbit may make you feel a pinch in your pocket, the Instapark Timer is relatively and amazingly cost-effective; therefore it won’t empty your wallet.

  1. Best Durable: Orbit 6034 Mechanical Water Timer

If you have been looking for a timer that takes time to get old, look no further than Orbit 6034 mechanical water timer. With it I can assure you that you won’t get a new timer anytime soon. Since it is durable, it tends to be somehow expensive. However, high cost aside, Orbit 6034 Mechanical Water Timer has by far the most to offer. Its bunch of feature set provides it with a lovely and impressive appeal. The high-impact construction gives it a sturdy and extremely remarkable strength. Besides, timed watering duration of up to 120 minutes allows you to customize its watering durations. To put the problem of overwatering your lawn at distant memory, the easy and quick-to-use water timer has that solution for you.

What makes it a strong choice is this:

First of all, it is one of a kind water timer that doesn’t need batteries to operate. The stress of replacing batteries all the time is now replaced by new Orbit 6034 water timer. I love the orbit 6034 water timer for its oversized dial that provide comfortable grip. Since it is mechanical, using it becomes easier and saves your time and labor.

However, on its downside, pilling up of waste within the filters affects its pressure making it too low. Also, if you are you not careful how you handle; at times it may get breaking inducing water leakage.

If you have  are doing heavy duty  garden watering, you need a durable water timer to serve you well , give the Orbit 6034 Mechanical Water Timer a try!

  1. The Most Reliable: Melnor 53100 Hydrologic Water timer

If you have been looking for a water timer that is more reliable and flexible, Melnor 53100 has it all. It is my all-time favorite. The timer provides you an opportunity to set up timed watering up to 24 times a day. In other words, you can set your timer to water after every one hour. During rainy season, you don’t need to switch it off. It is intelligent a bit to know that there is rain and in effect halts the water supply for a while. That’s downright intriguing. It is a budget-friendly timer with less power consumption and low purchasing price. That being said, the fact that it is less costly doesn’t mean that it has sacrificed its quality and performance. In fact, its overall performance in terms of pressure and consistency; is quite phenomenal and impressive. Are you tired of reprogramming your timer every time you replace your batteries? Melnor timer has totally eliminated the problem; because when batteries are changed the program remains unchanged. No more loss of timings when you replace your batteries. Also, if its user-friendliness and ease-of-use is not enough, consider as well its manual schedule that allows you to ordinarily water your lawn anytime with no interference to the automatic program. It is water-resistant and hence can’t be devastated during winter season.

However, sometimes you get disappointed by its abrupt malfunction. You may find it stopped working for no good reason. This also affects its pressure and by extension the programming.

To be on the safer though, consider finding Melnor 53100 as your timer because it is wallet-friendly and far much more reliable.

  1. The Best Easy-to-use: Gilmour Single Outlet Electronic Water Timer

This is most wonderful single outlet timer I have ever seen. Gilmour is an innovative and impressive product that was designed with the objective of making its usability as simple as possible. It is easy to set up, easy to program, easy to operate-everything about it is easy. Like other timer types, it requires battery to operate; but specifically 2AA batteries. With its large LCD screen and minimal controls, setting up the program is quite easy .To save you time, energy and water, Gilmour can do it all. Depending on the timings you want to set: once a day, twice a week or whichever timing you prefer, Glamour will always remain the easy and sure way to water your lawn with minimal stress. In case the automatic section fails or you just feel like watering your lawn, you will always have pleasure to do that because the on/off manual button enable you to switch to manual ; and start watering without interfering with the normal programming. The manual scheduling allows timer setting of up to 360 minutes.  Moreover, Gilmour has proven beyond doubts that its durability is not compromised and is evidenced by its 2-year warranty. Its simplicity is further shown by its large buttons and simple user interface.

What make it unique?

To make it stand from the rest, Gilmour has been designed to take good care of your water wastage. Whenever the battery is depleting, the timer will automatically close the water valve just before the battery dies completely. It also has the battery indicator on the screen and therefore you can view the status of your battery. Besides, Gilmour is leak-free, water-resistant and durable hence cannot be easily damped.

On the downside, it is normally frustrating because of the low pressure output it offers. Additionally, its cheap plastic construction make the threads strip easily. This introduces conduits for water to leak.

To free yourself from labor and make your work simpler, Gilmour Single Outlet Electronic Water Timer is the ideal water timer to go for.


All water timers are not the same. Some are best while others are just a disaster. In addition to the time saving that water timers gives us, they are often most reliable to conserving water as well as improving our environment. Selecting the best timer is very crucial and need critical attention. Thanks the ever advancing technology that never ceases to provide new stuffs to the market. Timers are as in fact the products of technology. They are making the work easier by doing the work for you and most importantly offering consistent and adequate watering. I believe that this review will guide you to narrow down to the top options in order to choose the ideal selection.


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